Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This design is dessent and so prety Well ladies, spring and summer seasons have so many different interesting things to enjoy; one of those is the colorful open shoes and slippers.There is a list that includes a huge variety of spring, summer shoes & slippers. Like you can enjoy Gladiator Sandals, strappy sandals, kohlapuris, jeweled chappals, simple flip flop slippers, etc.Mostly spring & summer collections of foot wears are available in both cool and bright colors. In different flowers prints, different color scheming, in contrast with another color or in one color with a decent look. White, plum, yellow, pink, sky-blue, parrot, lime & citrus green etc usually comes in the category of cool colors and red, black, brown, purple, blue orange etc comes in the category of bright colors. Spring & summer shoes usually have the designing of flowers, gems, buttons, bows, laces, stones, ribbons, mirror work, or strips in them. These types of foot wear remains in hottest trends throughout the season, easily available in the markets.These sorts of Slippers & Sandals go best in casual wear, as flat slippers are the best for most in summer. They can go with casual dresses, like shalwar kameez, skirts, flappers, trousers, kurta’s etc. in formal wear foot wear usually shoes with one color is preferable, as it looks pretty decent.

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