Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make a unique style statement with handbag styles and clothing variety

With trends varying so quickly, people often look for a choice that can help them out in standing out and remain easygoing with budget at the same time. Purchasing handbag and clothing is not an everyday job, unlike shopping of grocery, so while spending money on these two necessities, women look to purchase something, which is branded, designer, stylish and makes them look beautiful. As every woman has a unique and different body, so what appears stunning on one may not appear good on others. You need to know your body type and comprehend the clothing type that looks best. There are wide ranges of choices available that can actually improve your overall appearance.The hottest handbags rends for summer-spring season include the ones adorned with laces, eyelets, buckles and tassels. Tassel adornments are major trends of contemporary handbag designs, and are put on bags so that they can be removed easily. The popular colors schemes that you can choose for your designer bag are red, turquoise, orange, green, coral, ecru, fuchsia and brown. In addition to knowing about hottest trends, you also need to make yourself well acquainted with your body size and skin-tone as well, in order to showcase your style. So, choose the dress that flatters your body well, and select a bag that matches perfectly with your outfit.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This design is dessent and so prety Well ladies, spring and summer seasons have so many different interesting things to enjoy; one of those is the colorful open shoes and slippers.There is a list that includes a huge variety of spring, summer shoes & slippers. Like you can enjoy Gladiator Sandals, strappy sandals, kohlapuris, jeweled chappals, simple flip flop slippers, etc.Mostly spring & summer collections of foot wears are available in both cool and bright colors. In different flowers prints, different color scheming, in contrast with another color or in one color with a decent look. White, plum, yellow, pink, sky-blue, parrot, lime & citrus green etc usually comes in the category of cool colors and red, black, brown, purple, blue orange etc comes in the category of bright colors. Spring & summer shoes usually have the designing of flowers, gems, buttons, bows, laces, stones, ribbons, mirror work, or strips in them. These types of foot wear remains in hottest trends throughout the season, easily available in the markets.These sorts of Slippers & Sandals go best in casual wear, as flat slippers are the best for most in summer. They can go with casual dresses, like shalwar kameez, skirts, flappers, trousers, kurta’s etc. in formal wear foot wear usually shoes with one color is preferable, as it looks pretty decent.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've always found ads for products promoting healthy hair to be a bit funny. There's no such thing as healthy hair. Hair is basically protein and keratin with no blood supply or nervous system and has no reparative qualities. Hair is not alive, so it cannot be healthy. I prefer to use the term well maintained hair. Once damage has occurred, the only way to repair the hair is to cut off the damaged length. Of course, a healthy looking head of hair starts with a great looking haircut, but that's just the beginning. Like your car, your hair needs maintenance in order to preserve strength, elasticity, and shine. Following are my hair care tips for men.Towel drying is one of the biggest causes of damage to men's hair. When hair is wet, it is highly susceptible to damage. When the hair is rubbed with a towel, some of the hairs become tangled in the threads of the towel and become stretched to the breaking point, causing damage to the cuticle (the shingle-like outer layer of the hair), frizziness, and split ends. To properly towel dry, shake out the excess water and stroke your hair in the direction it grows, rather than rubbing the hair with the towel. Drying takes a bit longer this way but after a few haircuts, you'll notice the difference in the way your hair looks. Blow drying is also a common cause of damage to the hair. Excessive blow drying can dry out the hair and scalp. If you must use a blow dryer, apply a thermal styling spray or detangler to coat the hair and protect it from damage, use a wide-tooth comb to prevent pulling, and always leave the hair slightly damp. This will prevent over drying the hair.Nothing feels better than a piping hot shower, but it's wreaking havoc on your hair and scalp. Very hot water strips too much of the essential oil from the hair and scalp and leads to dryness.Repeatedly coloring or perming hair can leave it damaged, dry, and dull. I recommend avoiding at-home chemical products and seek a good stylist for such services. A stylist will know how to properly prepare you hair and choose the best products for your hair type. Results from a trained professional will almost always look more natural than those which can be produced at home.A good shampoo and conditioner will help cleanse the hair, add moisture and elasticity, and smooth the cuticle to add shine.Don't use a brush on wet hair, when the hair is most vulnerable. When combing through wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb and gently work out any tangles. Avoid heated tools such as blow dryers or irons which can dry and damage hair.The condition of your hair is often a reflection of the overall health of your body. Eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and reduce stress in your life. Doing so will result in a healthier scalp and great looking hair. Living well and staying healthy will also increase the rate of hair growth.A tight hat (or ponytail) can cause "traction alopecia," a condition in which hair is pulled out of the scalp. If worn long enough, the damage can become permanent. A tight hat or ponytail can also cause damage to the cuticle and breakage.Since the only real way to remove damaged hair is to cut off the damaged section, keeping your hair trimmed regularly will help eliminate split ends. Even if you're growing your hair out, make sure to get it trimmed about every six weeks, but make it clear.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Salwar Kameez is the most popular outfit for South Asian Women specially India & Pakistan. These outfit are extremely comfortable and look very elegant on women of all ages. Here you will find the latest fashion designs in Pakistan and india from the dress designers who strive to make you look good and stand out by enhance these dresses by unique embellishment using different kinds of Embroideries, Block Print, Bead, Sequins, Zardosi, Dabka, Tilla work, Ghara work, cut work etc. Our designers use various fabrications like Georgettes, Raw Silks, Cotton & Cotton Blends, Hand loom, Khaddi, Jamawar, Satin, Lawns, Organza, Katan Silk etc. Pakistani clothing including evening wear, casual wear, formal wear shalwar kameez, and modern apparels which are worn usually in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, all over South Asia and at South Asian families. The section also covers western pants, tops and shirts, evening gowns at unbelievable low cost. Simply click on the sub categories and you'll be able to browse through cool eastern western collection of Mystique Asia. You may keep checking this section as we often put special sale offers and discount offers so that you can buy apparels dresses online. We are very passionate about our work and put in a lot of effort to provide you the latest designs so that you look good. Special emphisis is given to Styling & Cuts of each dress to make the person wearing them stand out. Now-a-days, one shoulders and strips are in fashion and many girls prefer wearing them during the summer. They are so versatile that you hardly need any other accessories along with them. No wonder, you can look so stylish even while roaming in this hard sunshine and you do not need to make any effort for this. White is an all time favorite color of women and especially, the demand for white increases during summer. White shirts with blue denims are like cherry on the cake. Without a doubt, you can go with this outfit for a casual hangout, while freaking out the friends. This kind of summer dress looks so simple, yet highly attractive. Apart from giving you an elegant look, they give you a very classy look as well along with a good pair of shades.If you are sick of your regular boring wardrobe, then its time to change your wardrobe this summer with vibrant dresses and feel the change. Think of a color and get a smashing outfit! Though, the maxi dresses are on but the floaty styles are a perfect choice for a breezy trendy look. Without a doubt, you will be the eye catchy wherever you will go, people will follow it. If you think, it is almost next to impossible to look stylish in this killing heat, remove this misconception! With casual short & long summer dresses, you can look so stylish as well as sophisticated effortlessly.Think of an occasion, and get the best outfit for you. While hanging out with friends, you can go for white summer dresses and apart from that, you can even wear them on a daily basis. Whenever you are to select your summer dress, make sure that it will complement your skin tome, your eyes as well as your hair color.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Perfumes are one of the most popular gifts for just about every occasion, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, holiday or just because gift. Unfortunately, many bottles of perfumes are left sitting unopened to gather dust because the well intended gift giver had no clue how to go about selecting a good perfume. Whether choosing a perfume for yourself or as a gift, selecting the perfect perfume can be a stressful task, but if you know what you are looking for, it is a breeze.For many people, the method of choosing a good perfume falls into one of three categories. In some cases individuals look at the price and assume that because an expensive price tag is attached it must be a good perfume and in other cases they sniff it and try to decide whether they like it and assume the intended recipient will as well. One of the worst ways to select a perfume is to base the decision on the celebrity whose name is associated with the perfume. Just because you happen to like that person, does not necessarily mean you will like their perfume.While these are traditional ways of selecting perfume, there is a much better way to choose a good perfume that will not only earn the appreciation of the recipient but insure that the bottle you select won't gather dust on a shelf. The most romantic of all perfumes are those with a floral scent. Statistics indicate that blonds and redheads prefer the light scent of most floral perfumes. People with creative, unpredictable personalities also tend to prefer floral scents. Additionally, unlike some types of perfume, floral scents are perfect year round.Outgoing, younger individuals tend to lean more toward the crisp scent of ocean and green scents. These scents are great for summer. Brunettes seem to prefer the stronger scents associated with woodsy or fruit perfumes. These types of perfumes are wonderful for cooler months. According to department store sales statistics, women who fall into the older age bracket prefer the scent of perfumes that are classified as oriental. This type of perfume is also a good selection to be reserved for special occasions and evening wear. Having more than one distinctive smell adds to your character and personality.Regardless of which type of perfume you think you or the recipient may prefer try no more than two perfumes at a time. Trying any more perfume than two perfumes will result in the confusion of your senses and quite usually, a bad decision. At many perfume and department stores, there should be a cup of coffee beans available for you to sniff to rid the smell of previous perfume from your nose. I suggest you wait a good ten to fifteen minutes after you spray the perfume to decide whether you like it or not. The initial scent of the perfume after it is first sprayed is not a good indication of how it will smell later on. It is a good idea to take a walk around the store or in the mall to see if you really like the perfume after a few minutes.Likewise, it's not a good idea to simply sniff the bottle to determine whether you like a scent or not. You should always spray the perfume directly onto your wrist, near the pulse point, in order to make a decision. This is because the perfume must interact with the chemicals in your skin, which may produce a change in the smell. That said, be aware that it is quite often the case that the same perfume will smell differently on one person than on another. This is why it's not a good idea to base a perfume selection simply on how it smells on someone else. If you truly want to make an impression that counts, instead of selecting a perfume.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


A great handbag is a true companion. It not only holds all your essentials while you’re running out and about, it also tells others just how well put together you are. A girl who pays attention to the details of her accessories – the handbag being one of the most important - is a girl who is well put together in general. She’s a girl who can triple the impact of her outfit with just the right bag extending from her hand. Designer handbags and accessories are known for their exquisite quality and elaborate styles. However, they are also known for being pricey. The price of these handbags can range from expensive to exorbitant, but this has never deterred their popularity. In fact, the price of these handbags actually makes them more desirable, Handbags are the major accessories of every woman. The 2010 handbag trends represent individuality and originality in an eclectic way. Every woman wants a fashionable handbag for functional and aesthetical reasons also. These great fashion items come in a large variety of shapes, colors, styles and fabrics. This years’ ladies handbags are carefully structured, they are luxurious and ethnic, feminine and masculine at the same time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There I have to teach you how to choose a dress for a beautiful figure. Everyone has figure flaws, but it doesn't mean you can't hide them! When shopping for a new dress this season, be sure to keep your body type in mind. By following these simple tips, you can accentuate the positive and downplay the areas of your body that... well, aren't so perfect. For pair-shaped women with full hips and thighs, the dress should be shorter than an inch or two above the knee. Select a dress with a line skert but not something too full. A short, fuller dress will look like a tutu. To draw the attention away from your lower body, select a dress with a plunging V-neck, halter top or embellished neckline. If you are apple-shaped with a thick middle, you need to elongate the look your torso and draw the attention away from your waist. Select a dress with an empire waist or drop waist to re-define your waist line. Avoid thick belts cinched around your waist and instead choose a chain or sash belt slung low on your hips. Sleeveless and cap sleeve dresses aren't for you. Instead, select billowy, bell sleeves that are 3/4 or even full-length to hide flabby arms. Use hand-held dumbbels 15 minutes a day to get your arms in tip-top shape. If you weren't endowed with ample breasts, avoid deep plunging necklines. Instead select dresses with a scoop or bandeau neck with sequins or other adornments to add a little dimension up top.Layered necklaces are very popular right now and they can add some dimension to depth to your bust. You can also follow these simple instructions to make your Brest biger with makeup to enhance your cleavage. Dresses with halter tops and deep V's are very attractive for women who want to accentuate their big bust. Select fabrics that aren't skim your body rather than bind, which can make your breasts look too big. To draw some attention away from your bust and balance out a smaller lower body, choose a dress with an A-line skirt that falls one or two inches above your knees. Don't pack on layers of baggy clothes to try to cover-up your body. Contrary to what you may believe, baggy dresses will just make you look bigger. Select fabrics that don't cling to your body, but drape nicely. A wrap dress is particularly flattering to full-figured women. Don't avoid color and prints. The colorful collection of plus size dress at offers a variety of different types of dresses for full figured women, including bold prints and sexy styles. Eater or knit dresses are terrific options for thin women. Add layers to your dress, such as a cardigan or fitted jacket to add some bulk. If you have extremely thin legs, avoid mini-skirts and choose longer, flowing dresses instead. Thin women can add a tjick belt to give their waist more definition. Bubble dresses are very trendy right now and can also give the appearance of a larger lower body. The shift is a dress that hangs straight down from the shoulder. It's a dress type that is flattering to almost everyone. It skims your body nicely, but doesn't cling. For summer, you can find shifts in cool cotton, linen and light knits. When fall arrives, wool and heavier knit shifts will continue to be popular. Though the typical shift dress has a straight skirt, some fashion designers have created shifts with a slightly A-line cut this season. Whatever your body type, you can find a beautiful dress.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


There's alot of tricks to help you get through that "transition stage". Keep reminding yourself that you want this, and in 6 months to a year you'll have the hairstyle you want!The best way to manage your style and mix up your look is with cute and funky accessories. Headbands are all the rage at the moment. Pretty pins will also help keep that floppy fringe out of your eyes. Play around to find different ways to pin your hair up and make it look longer.Even boys can adopt this look. A wide cloth headband worn to hold the hair out of your face.Scarves are also a very cool way to tie your hair back, and a great style accessory.Another option is to buy a cool hat and start wearing it all the time to hide your growing out hair. Make it your signature look for this season! Berets and pageboy hats are the favourite with celebrities including Ashley Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.Growing out bangs can be a massive pain, but a secret is to have your stylist angle them. Then as they grow you can brush them to the side as they get longer.Some hair growing facts and tips:Your hair only grows up to 6 inches a year! The weather can affect your hair growth- Hair grows quicker in hotter months, and slower during winter. Not everyone can grow a head of waist length hair! Fine, thin or severely damaged hair probably won't grow past a medium length very easily. Poor diet and stress may sometimes be a cause of slow hair growth. The healthier you are, the better condition and appearance your hair will have. If you're ready for the commitment of growing long hair, make sure you continue to have regular trims to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. It might seem like the quickest way to grow your hair is not to cut it at all, but that is not the case. Regular trims, every 8-10 weeks, will keep your hair looking good while you go through many stages of growing it out.Also ask your hair stylist to cut your hair to aid the hair growth. For instance, if you're trying to grow out layers, the stylist can cut the back up shorter while waiting for the sides to catch up. If you're trying to grow out bangs, you might end up with a mullet look (longer at the back, shorter at the front

Friday, March 12, 2010


One of a younger generation of artisan-craftsman designers, Schwab explored the concept of the dirndl, the corset-laced bodice and the traditional embroideries one associates with pretty young maidens in The Alps, or heaven forfend, Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. But this was no remake for a modern "Heidi". Schwab used silk charmeuse, Loden wool, silk taffetas and teddy-bear fabrics, to create a thoroughly modern silhouette shifted the folkloric into a new, desirable dimension.A low-cut bodice was cut under the bust, over a white, full-sleeved shirt, and allied to short, bell-shaped skirt. Wide belts, scattered with precious stones and crystals, or intricate lacing, drew the eye to a very defined waist.Cropped boleros, with a wave-cut just above the d├ęcolletage, emphasised the torso even further. The "dirndl" neckline was echoed in coats, in a Steiff, teddy bear-wool, belted, and worn with heeled boots, reminiscent of a walk in the forest. The sensual outline and thinking behind the entire collection was emphasised with leather, pendant chokers, designed by Beana Makri, which were inspired by the restraints used in The Story of O, and a tracery of stones detailing the low-cut necklines.In more glamorous mode, Schwab, who has just shown his first collection for the American brand, Halston, at New York Fashion Week, showed black, asymmetric, "dirndl" dresses with crystal halters and shoulder details.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fancy Dress Costumes By Frizzy Fancy Dress

It was celebrated norm among the elite classes of society to arrange parties and balls where a special theme of costume was to be worn. Thereon these fancy dresses gained popularity and spread across other European countries and the United Kingdom. Furthermore Victorian era is famous for fancying fancy dress parties and masquerades. There are several occasions throughout the year when fancy costumes are on high demands, for instance, Halloween, being the most popular, followed by Easter, Christmas etc. Fancy dress clothes are also inspired by celebrities or their movies, for example, Harry Potter, Ninja Turtles, and Abba. Children have a special interest in fancy dresses as they like imitating their super heroes which includes popular names such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, The Incredible etc. Primary schools also organize fancy dress competitions for toddlers to nurture them by providing a platform to participate in a healthy and fun activity and build up their confidence.
It has categorized its merchandise into several different groups. These segments cater the needs of all the customers individually and address their requirement more appropriately. Besides the fancy dress clothes for both genders and the children, it also offers themed costumes for special occasions and events. There is a stock of fancy dress costume for special theme days as well. Alongside costumes and fancy dresses, Frizz Fancy also holds attractive accessories to be paired with these clothes. The accessory stock includes hats, shoes, wigs, masks etc.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Redesigning Your Style

If you cannot remember when was the last time you went out shopping for clothes due to your limited budget, perhaps there is a solution for you not to feel "out of fashion" anymore. Garnishing and remodeling clothes is not only an interesting idea for you to pass your time with, but it can actually help you renew your wardrobe with the minimum amount of money possible.

Transforming clothes was always connected with providing many important functions for human activity. In addition, transformed clothes are a byproduct of creativity and ingenuity. Being a stylish person is not easy. Thus, improving your clothes' demeanor as an act of conscious fashion shift towards contemporary refashioning of secondhand clothing is actually rather progressive. Experiencing the new character of that same old pair of jeans you have bought three years ago, can be the outcome of your dedication to commit some time and renew its old fit. A few cuts, at the right places, some foe crystals on its back pockets, a monogram on the thigh, a gold sparkling textile marker across the waist, are some of the things that can help you transform your used clothing and attract other peoples' attention to your unique style illustrated by your personally crafted fashionable creations.

Additionally, transforming old clothes, in any way, can become your new potential value to another social group. You might even discover a hidden talent while in the process. A number of people, who have begun remodeling or garnishing their clothes due to need or as a new hobby, experienced tremendous success through their hand-made creations and entered the fashion industry from the backstage. The "one-piece" deal is a strong marketing incentive when people need to convey through their clothes the feeling of being different; this need grows worldwide as globalization transcends all known boarders-especially that of fashion. By selling their creations to a variety of clothing stores, or more recently online, these clothes re-crafters reintroduced an old idea, which became an instant urban trend.

Thus, next time you look frustrated the resources you have available in your closet, instead of wasting time and money in trying to figure out what to wear for a night out, why not using your imagination along with some of your other skills to renovate the pieces of your wardrobe that need a little sparkle again to shine? Apart from it being a great idea to spend some quality time alone, redesigning clothes can also open up new career horizons; at least it can amuse you and your friends. Transforming an old skirt into an apron or a pillow case, garnishing your worn-out pants with silver spray suitable for textile painting, altering the length of your old simple black dress, or engraving your initials on your leather bag may be some of the alterations you can perform to your possession and enter a party with a redesigned style.